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For centuries, we have believed in the therapeutic value of images: today, we reshape the agencies of art and to rediscover how pictures  (particularly through digital audiovisual technologies)

can vivify the functionality of cognitive and imaginative processes,

as well as our emotional and relational capacities.
Our project aims to act with updated means but old principles, linking the ancient therapeutic visions of aesthetics with contemporary ones: this way we expect to bring out
a new practical aesthetics,

to provide tools for health technologies

and some digital solutions for care systems,

to improve a good use of digitals means.
The theoretical investigation will be complemented

with the clinical research on two case studies:

in the context of the Memofilm project,

an Audiovisual Identity Card for patients with dementia,

and in the context of the Videopharmakon project,

the targeted self-representative “Video-medications”

for youths affected by autism spectrum disorder.
Audiovisual tools can be successfully applied

in reducing some typical symptoms

of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders,

helping reconstruct identity or relational capacities.

This approach could have a great impact on the health care system, as well as on the educational system

and social inclusion in general.

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